Environmental management systems

Dekonta is a reliable partner in ISO 14001 implementation. We can help you implement fully functional and ready-for-certification environmental management system.

Avoid the risk of Environmental Impact.
Depending on the type and size of the organization, environmental impact can be significant and cause negative consequences to your business. ISO 14001 can help you minimize these risks by implementing integrated system that will continuously meet various environmental requirements. Process of implementation can be accomplished much faster and easier if you are assisted by experienced consultant.
Plan your Environmental Management System (EMS).
In order to establish successful EMS, both full management commitment and establishing an EMS team for implementation is required. In order to identify your environmental strengths and weaknesses, Baseline Assessment is recommended, including Initial Environmental Review and Gap Analysis. Our experts can help you in identification of current environmental system as well as existing gaps between your system and ISO 14001 requirements.
Develop functional EMS documentation.
EMS development starts with documentation. It is essential that the documentation is tailored to your needs – we discourage extensive use of various templates or documentation from other certified companies. 4 – Level documentation structure is promoted: Manual, system procedures, operational instructions and environmental records.
Identify your aspects.
In order to minimize environmental impacts resulting from your activities, thorough identification of aspects is required. We can guide you through the process of aspects identification, as well as evaluation of aspect significance. Evaluation criteria include legal requirements, environmental consequences, use of material and corporate concerns.
Identify legal and other requirements.
Compliance with applicable legal requirements is essential to EMS. Since the Environmental Audit is one of our key competences, our experts are fully qualified to assist you in identification of all related legal requirements as well as areas of applicability.
Choose experienced consultants.
Our consultants are also lead auditors for international certification bodies. These bodies have well defined and often very strict criteria. Therefore, our consultants are in position to help you implement the system, having in mind auditor’s point of view.
Integrated environmental solutions