Environmental auditing

Apply cutting edge environmental, health and safety auditing expertise and methodology to assist you with Mergers and Acquisitions throughout Central and Eastern Europe:
For more than a decade Dekonta has been assisting major international consultancies, investment banks, industry and government with cutting-edge environmental consultancy services related to Mergers and Acquisitions, at competitive prices. In environmental auditing and environmental assessments Dekonta applies World Bank, IFC and EBRD guidelines for performance of environmental assessments. We may also apply custom tailored approaches reflecting the specific needs of our customers.
Identify baseline environmental conditions at industrial and Greenfield sites:
If it is about acquisition of a multi-site steel production facility, national oil company, second largest oil distributor, or a single plot of land for residential development, we are able to provide rapid, effective and reliable assessment of baseline conditions that will support your investment decisions. We may perform a simple screening-level assessment of site conditions, based on review of available data and drive-by or walk-through site visits, or may deploy our site investigation teams for an in-depth characterization of environmental conditions across all media at subject location. You choose.
Identify all legal environmental non-compliances of current or past operations:
Findings of documentation review, interviews with site owners, site visits and results of sampling and laboratory analyses of environmental media shall be looked upon in the broad context of applicable environmental guidelines, standards and regulations, both local and international. Our access to systematized, comprehensive and searchable legal data bases, combined with in-depth knowledge of our experienced environmental and legal experts ensures identification of all legal non-compliances that might impact planned investment. We will help you identify and allocate environmental liabilities.
Control financial risks related to planned investments:
Our analysis of identified environmental issues will not end by listing them and proposing the mitigation measures. Whatever non-compliance we identify, and whatever mitigation measure we propose, an accurate price tag would be put on required action, helping you to reliably estimate required investments and reduce exposure to financial risks.
Document historical pollution at target locations:
Our fully equipped site investigation team would perform a comprehensive site investigation campaign, helping you to document the extent and nature of possibly existing historical contamination at target site. This would allow you to allocate fully all environmental liabilities to past owner, and provide quantitative basis for proposing mitigation measures that would ensure safe working environment for on-site staff and workers.
Perform remedial action to ensure protection of human health and environment:
We are able to design, build and operate comprehensive soil and groundwater remediation systems. We have successfully applied a wide range of remediation technologies, including complex pump and treat and vapor recovery systems, bioremediation, chemical stabilization, in-situ chemical oxidation, steam enhanced extraction etc. Most of those technologies have been introduced to Serbian market for the first time by Dekonta, making us a true local market leader in contaminated site remediation.
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